Words Cloud for my HCID 521 Prototyping Studio

My Rose

My favorite team, ProtoHug! (It was a late meeting but we were trying to have some fun.)

My Thorn

Different tryouts for the physical look of the lamp

The last two weeks were definitely very stressful but still fun. Basically, we were working on consolidating the core interactions (the whole team), making the physical enclosure (Michelle), coding the light pattern (Ryan), and writing up the script for the video (Laura & Duanhao) one week before the final presentation. Although I felt very stressed, I won’t say the previous effort spent on those experimentations was a waste of time because all these steps were necessary and that led us to this final design. The only thing I would change is that I won’t spend my time also trying to take care of the lighting part (because I want to learn more about coding) while I was so stressed on designing the physical box, especially when there are members on the team who master the skill better than you. For the sake of the team, I should focus on finishing my part first.

My Bud

Original ai file (left) & Flora lamp (right)
This is our Flora lamp!
Flora Logo

Final Thought

And finally, I can proudly say that I am comfortable with pivoting and be very open-minded when taking feedback, especially when working with kids because they can be very direct and sometimes harsh on your design when it doesn’t get their attention or interest (which is a really good sign that indicates you might need to reconsider the entire concept and get ready to pivot!).

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