What I have learned

I really enjoyed this class because I had fun (also experienced many frustrations too )playing all different types of prototyping techniques. Knowing how to design and laser cut a phone stand, how to build a 3D model on Rhino, how to sew a side bag and fixed the sewing machine, I am now capable of transferring the flat or digital designs from a two-dimensional scale to three-dimension. I also learned how to achieve design goals by utilizing different resources such as paper, cardboard and other household items. A prototype that made up of cheap materials can still effectively deliver the design idea!

“Looks like a wave! Cool Design!” , ”Very unique + sleek curved design!” “I like the rounded design and color way!”, “Ping Pong is genius!”

What I have accomplished

I think I did a nice job in this class because I enjoyed all the assignments. With every project, I did try my best to think out of the box when the assignments asked to make design for daily used items.

All my babies!!

What I have contributed

The only project I worked with partners was the behavioral prototype assignment where we made a short video for showing how to perform Wizard of OZ. It was a fun and smooth collaborating process. Everybody was very communicative while sharing our ideas and proactive to take separated tasks. We had a good team dynamic so we were able to finish the assignment effectively. I was the note-taker during the Wizard of Oz and wrote part of the reflection for the process blog. I organized other teammates’ reflections into one process blog so that’s why the blog was submitted through my account. We had a good team dynamic and I didn’t have any trouble working with them. Working as a team, I think the most important thing is to be proactive and communicative.

Final Thoughts

This course was fun, pragmatic but was time-consuming and challenging. I really enjoy it because it was a design-focused class that let you take a break from the theory-heavy classes. I think I have become a more capable designer with all the new skills I have learned. Thanks to the awesome HCDE 451 instructors Andy and Michael :).

UX Research and Design | UW HCDE Alumna | Class of 2021 @ UW MHCI + D