Words Cloud for my HCID 521 Prototyping Studio

My Rose

I have been looking forward to taking this prototyping class since I was an undergrad at HCDE. When I was in Wendy’s research group and experienced KidsTeam from a researcher’s perspective, I was always surprised by kids’ creative thoughts. Since then, I had this wish that I want to work…

This is the story of how we started on a journey exploring one facet of the future of HCI: post-humanism. In only 5 days, we learned how to considered agents and systems beyond the human and finally designed Terrari-Tim, exploring a way how human and non-human agents can cohabitate.

Hi, I am Tim, and I am a terrarium designed by team Green Ligament :)


What I have learned

I really enjoyed this class because I had fun (also experienced many frustrations too )playing all different types of prototyping techniques. Knowing how to design and laser cut a phone stand, how to build a 3D model on Rhino, how to sew a side bag and fixed the sewing machine

“Make Mealtime Fun and Meaningful” — The Stamp Plate Project

the Stamp Plate 2.0

Project Concept

We described Stamp Plate 1.o as an interactive plate that “playfully tracks and visualizes the food placed on top of it and later eaten off of it in the form of stamps”. The first version was designed to explore the…

Design Challenge

The design for this week is to build and test a behavioral prototype for a gesture-controlled platform.

Design Requirements

A gestural user interfaces for an Apple TV or similar system that allows interaction through physical motions. An example prototype would be controlling basic video function controls (play, pause, stop, fast forward…

Making a promo video for the Lifesum, a food tracker application


The design for this week is to create a 60s video prototype that demonstrates the functionality of a product. We are limited to only pick health or fitness related products. So I decided to make a product promo for the Lifesum mobile application. I chose this app because I have…

Chaos I created after using the sewing machine :( and of course, I cleaned them up after finished)


The design for this week is to design a simple wearable object out of fabrics. I decided to sew a small tool bag for carrying materials for usability testing such as sticky notes, markers, and other necessary tools.

This bag must satisfy the following requirements:

  • must use a sewing machine…

Final Rhino File for the Heart-Shaped Jewelry Stand


The design for this week is to create a 3D model for prototyping a physical object that would be useful in your everyday life. (The practical value is important!) I decided to make a jewelry stand because I need a cute stand to declutter and organize my jewelry.

This 3D…

Design of Phone Stand Cardboard Prototype

In this week’s studio, we learned basic laser cutting techniques such as setting the pen strokes for engraving texts through a demo demonstrated by the Fluke Makerpace’s staff. Through this demo, I learned the basic functions of Rhino (but I still used Illustrator to draw the vector file).

Design for This Week

The design…

“We look at everyday objects and activities and we see ways to make things simpler, easier, more thoughtfully designed — better.” — OXO

the redesigned voting machine

In this week’s studio, we practiced our rapid prototyping skills through an activity aimed at redesigning the voting machine. Through this exercise, I learned how to creatively…

Michelle (Xin) Gao

UX Research and Design | UW HCDE Alumna | Class of 2021 @ UW MHCI + D

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