Words Cloud for my HCID 521 Prototyping Studio

My Rose

I have been looking forward to taking this prototyping class since I was an undergrad at HCDE. When I was in Wendy’s research group and experienced KidsTeam from a researcher’s perspective, I was always surprised by kids’ creative thoughts. Since then, I had this wish that I want to work…

This is the story of how we started on a journey exploring one facet of the future of HCI: post-humanism. In only 5 days, we learned how to considered agents and systems beyond the human and finally designed Terrari-Tim, exploring a way how human and non-human agents can cohabitate.

Hi, I am Tim, and I am a terrarium designed by team Green Ligament :)


Making a promo video for the Lifesum, a food tracker application


The design for this week is to create a 60s video prototype that demonstrates the functionality of a product. We are limited to only pick health or fitness related products. So I decided to make a product promo for the Lifesum mobile application. I chose this app because I have…

Chaos I created after using the sewing machine :( and of course, I cleaned them up after finished)


The design for this week is to design a simple wearable object out of fabrics. I decided to sew a small tool bag for carrying materials for usability testing such as sticky notes, markers, and other necessary tools.

This bag must satisfy the following requirements:

  • must use a sewing machine…
Design of Phone Stand Cardboard Prototype

In this week’s studio, we learned basic laser cutting techniques such as setting the pen strokes for engraving texts through a demo demonstrated by the Fluke Makerpace’s staff. Through this demo, I learned the basic functions of Rhino (but I still used Illustrator to draw the vector file).

Design for This Week

The design…

Michelle (Xin) Gao

UX Research and Design | UW HCDE Alumna | Class of 2021 @ UW MHCI + D

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